Numerous property holders and families frequently get occupied with work, family, and social occasions, and they are not ready to calendar time for pool maintenance.Our services include weekly swimming pool service for properties throughout Greater Houston area. Clarity doesn’t always mean safety when it comes to pools. Each visit consists of cleaning, inspection, and preventative maintenance, ensuring chemical balance, clarity and efficient functionality that makes your next plunge safer and healthier. We are dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations and are committed to excellence.

Full Service 

Your pool technician will come to the pool every week, check and adjust the chemistry, check and, empty the skimmer and pump baskets, brush the water-line tile, skim the surface of the pool and vacuum the whole pool/spa/fountain. Your pool technician will:

  • Place the chlorine tablet in the dispenser as directed, and replace once it is dissolve

  • Checking the water level and guaranteeing that it is sufficiently high for the pump to function appropriately

  • Removing flotsam and jetsam collected at the base of the pool utilizing a leaf scoop

  • Skimming leaves and different flotsam and jetsam from the surface of the pool

  • Performing a visual review of the pool for shade, clarity, and any noticeable contaminants

Chemical Service

Your pool technician will come to the pool every week. Chemical or salt pool balance service. We ensure your pool will be sanitary, algae free and safe so you can enjoy your pool worry free. Every technician is fully trained to test and balance your pool every week. This includes:

  • Weekly Service

  • Balance your pool (basic chemicals / salt not included

  • Empty skimmer basket

  • Inspect all pool equipment

One-Time Cleaning Service

One-time cleaning service includes:

  • Water chemistry check-up

  • Balance of chemicals

  • Cleaning of skimmer & pump basket

  • Vacuum

  • Skim

  • Brushing of the sides of the pool

  • Backwashing of DE, Sand, and Cartridge Filters

  • Emptying of automatic cleaner bag

  • Visual inspection of pool equipment


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