SW Pool & Spa Services is fully state licensed and authorized to work on ALL pool equipment. 

We repair all of the following:

  • Plumbing

  • Leaks

  • Pool Lights

  • Floor Cleaning Systems

  • Pool Cleaners

  • Drain Covers

  • Wall Fittings

  • Salt Systems

  • Automated Control Systems

  • Gas Heaters

  • Electric Heat Pumps

  • VGBA Compliance Inspection & Work

  • Variable Speed Pump 

  • Pumps, Motors, Filters, Heaters, Valves

  • Timers

  • Pool & Spa Lights

  • Filter service, repairs, and replacement

  • Motor replacement and rebuilding

  • Heater repairs and replacement

  • Chlorinator and chemical control systems

  • Impellers

  • All Valves

We also offer color changing pool/spa lights

Our Repair Manager and our Office Team will keep you fully informed as to the scheduled time to carry out your repair and you have my personal promise that we will never leave you wondering when we might show up again to complete a job. 

SW Pool & Spa Services provides our customers in Texas covering all of Greater Houston Area, professional pool system repair services. For commercial properties such as hotels, apartments and school we provide top of the line pool product brands such as Pentair, Hayward, Jandy. 

Filter Cleaning 

98% of the residential swimming pools are either DE (diatomaceous earth), cartridge or some combination of the two types called a hybrid. The remaining 1-2% are sand filters which do not disassemble and clean up without a sand change. Most commercial swimming pools are outfitted with sand filters for several reasons. 


Tired of paying high electricity bill? Clean filter drops pressure on the tank by 5-10psi, causing increased flow through the filter. That means the filter pump will draw less amps or power. Filter motors have been known to be the biggest consumers of power in your home. Cleaning your filter will directly affect your electric bill saving you hundreds. 




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