We at SW Pool & Spa service some of the largest commercial properties in the Greater Houston area. Our business is set up to handle the pool service needs of hotels, property management companies and facilities for school districts. We are familiar with the management process, carry proper pool service licenses and insurances required by most commercial facilities and are familiar with the Texas Department of Health swimming pool requirements and processes. Our commercial route technicians are Certified Pool Operators as required by the State of Texas. Problems inevitably arise and the difference is that we are easy to reach and ready to take care of them for you when they do. 

Pool Maintenance 

Commercial pool technician will come to the facility on number of days per week required by hiring management company. The pool technician will:

  • Service pool; including monitoring and maintain pool water chemistry

  • Test and balance all chemical levels including chlorine and pH

  • Fill chemical containers

  • Brush pool walls

  • Skim water surface

  • Empty all baskets

  • Visually inspect equipment for proper operation

  • Clean waterline tiles

  • Vacuuming of pool floor

  • Filter will be backwashed once a week

  • Maintain required Department of Health documentation

Additional Maintenance

Commercial pool technician will come to the facility to engage in additional maintenance requested by hiring company. Additional Maintenance includes:

  • Club house maintenance

  • Bathroom area maintenance

  • Deck power washing

  • Surrounding pool area maintenance

Commercial Facility Water Feature

We provide custom water feature for Apartment complex, hotel properties, resorts, and many more commercial properties. 

Emergency Repair/Service

SW Pool & Spa Services, understand what it means to run a commercial property. Customer satisfaction being at the top of the list. That’s why we provide the following: 

  • Certified pool techinicans 

  • Emergency pool service techinicans trained to repair:

    • Heater

    • Resurface/replaster

    • Water feature 

    • Repair filtration system

  • 24/7 365 repair service for each and every client 

Current Clients 


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